For the first time, I actually ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the results of my personal process during therapy and coaching. Jack rids of a formulaic approach, focusing instead on critically listening and connecting to what I say. He reflects back with blunt honesty and equal amounts of sensitivity. With simple and practical methods, Jack guides me in answering my own questions or forming new ones, to gain a new perspective.

Jack, combines a balance of talk Psychotherapy with actionable Life Coaching to create a powerful healing synergy, enabling one to move forward faster through their fears and reach their highest potential. After years of psychotherapy, working with Jack was like psychotherapy on “Steroids” helping me identify where I was stuck in my life and then giving me actionable tools to reach my life’s goals. I wish I had found Jack 10 years ago, it sure would have saved me bundles in therapy fees!

Greg R.
Jack Grabon is genuine. He offered the space in which I felt safe enough to reveal certain things I had almost forgotten about. Giving me his authentic presence through attentive listening and naming my strengths, Jack helped me to remember just what amazing gifts I have and what I can achieve!

Jack responded both to needs for depth and for direction, meaning that if I was in a more inward place and it was best for me to be more introspective or do inner work, he supported that, as well as supporting the outer, concrete goals. I appreciated that he had no agenda but was flexible and attentive to whatever was coming up. Overall a great experience!

You have been pivotal in providing guidance and tools to help me traverse my experience with greater insight and illumination. Thank you for all your help so far, and I appreciate your wisdom in providing options needed to make better choices.

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