How to Exercise Your Willpower by Working Out

There’s an intimate connection between willpower and exercise.  I notice it most at the gym given the intensity of working out. Willpower is what keeps me going five days per week, first thing in the morning despite bad weather, fatigue or lack of motivation. Once at the gym, it helps me to do what I came to do, and without cheating. However, my willpower isn’t always this strong. By assessing my level of willpower while exercising, I learned how to strengthen it so that it spills over into other areas of my life. Let’s talk about how you can do this too.

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jack grabon
Jack Grabon, LCSW-R, CPC is a holistic therapist and life coach who helps those on a spiritual path to resolve deep-seated issues and live happier, more meaningful lives. He offers in-person sessions in New York City, as well as phone and Skype sessions. Contact him now for a free consultation.
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