The Power of Journaling – Part 2: techniques

Last week, I talked about The Power of Journaling and how it can help you get a bird’s eye view of things.  It allows different perspectives to emerge and gives us additional options for how to deal with things.  Now, I’d

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The Power of Journaling

Background The word journal comes from the same root as the word diary, namely “day” or “of the day.”  A journal is much like a diary, although it is thought that diaries are written in daily whereas journaling doesn’t occur

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How Vacations Can Help Us See Other Sides of Ourselves…

Think about the last time you went on vacation. Conjure up the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the way you felt. Close your eyes and take a moment to let this sink in. What do you notice? I’m guessing that

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Procrastinate Later!

I had the privilege of meeting Albert Ellis, Ph.D. before he passed away in 2007.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, he was a psychologist who many consider the father of cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT for

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How Traditional Psychology Dismisses Healthy and Adaptive Paranormal Phenomena…

Conventional psychology has typically shunned perceptions and experiences that do not neatly fit into its paradigm. Phenomena such as clairaudience, seeing ‘ghosts’, feeling or sensing presences are typically labeled as auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations, respectively. Intuitions may be regarded

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Decisions, Decisions…

Although it may seem ironic, zebras’ black and white stripes actually serve as camouflage. Since they generally travel together in large numbers, their main predators, lions, often cannot select one zebra within a herd and are instead confused by a

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Jack, combines a balance of talk Psychotherapy with actionable Life Coaching to create a powerful healing synergy, enabling one to move forward faster through their fears and reach their highest potential. After years of psychotherapy, working with Jack was like psychotherapy on “Steroids” helping me identify where I was stuck in my life and then giving me actionable tools to reach my life’s goals. I wish I had found Jack 10 years ago, it sure would have saved me bundles in therapy fees!

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