Holistic Therapy and Life Coaching

Is there more to life?

What if you could be who you really are? The person that lies beneath all the layers that have been built on top over the years. Life would feel very different. As a direct result, you would show up differently in your relationships, at work, at home, in school, etc.

If you’re interested in such profound change, then you’ve come to the right place. My work is a unique blend of psychotherapy and life coaching based on a spiritual or holistic paradigm that takes a practical approach to helping you help yourself.

Oftentimes, people on a spiritual path face difficulties or problems that are unique. Other times, they have everyday problems that need to be addressed that require a certain kind of sensitivity.

Whatever your reasons for seeking help, I’m happy to speak to you to see if and how I can help you. I have worked with people who have undergone trauma, emotional problems, lacked clarity, who wanted to improve their self-esteem or make their dreams come true.

My personal style is a gentle but non-BS approach that will help you take a deep, honest look at yourself while feeling nurtured and supported. I draw from modalities that include examining your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, as well as tuning into intuition and subtle sensations.

I have almost ten years of experience in psychotherapy and counseling in diverse settings. As a result, I have worked with a wide variety of clients, including those with substance abuse problems, mental illness, criminal histories and all types of everyday issues.

Go ahead and contact me for a free consultation to see if working together will be a good fit. I only offer sessions on the phone or on Skype at this time.

To get to know me a little bit more, check out my most recent blog posts below or visit my Who I Am section.

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Jack, combines a balance of talk Psychotherapy with actionable Life Coaching to create a powerful healing synergy, enabling one to move forward faster through their fears and reach their highest potential. After years of psychotherapy, working with Jack was like psychotherapy on “Steroids” helping me identify where I was stuck in my life and then giving me actionable tools to reach my life’s goals. I wish I had found Jack 10 years ago, it sure would have saved me bundles in therapy fees!

Greg R.

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